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Now you can create reminders and tasks directly from WhatsApp

WhatsApp Reminders
To the sum of more and more frequent updates, which WhatsApp has made this year, a new possibility has been added that has taken shape, thanks to an integration with the company of creation of notes and reminders responsible for

From now on WhatsApp offer us the function “WhatsApp Reminders”, which in accordance with your name, allow the possibility of creating reminders so that they are available directly in the messenger service conversations.

Create reminders and tasks directly from WhatsApp and

The integration of tasks is available for WhatsApp users Worldwide. The feature allows your reminders to integrate seamlessly into WhatsApp conversations with colleagues, friends or family. And it is considered especially useful in WhatsApp groups, since it allows setting notes for each member.

For use the function, users can create a task by sending a direct message to the bot or by forwarding a message to from any of their WhatsApp contacts. You will be reminded as soon as tasks are due, directly through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp reminders with

Regarding this integration, the founder and CEO of, Omer Perchik, has stated that this function should be as functional as possible.

We made it as easy as possible so you don't have to download an application, everything happens on WhatsApp. The key things are to allow people to be more productive and organized in a single space.

At the moment it is about The integration only works with an Premium account, from $ 5.99 per month, but Perchik said that WhatsApp users will be able to test the function with a free trial. Both iOS and Android users have access to the WhatsApp integration in natural language, so always understand their answers.

Currently 2.5 million people worldwide already use the daily planner, reminders, to-do list and calendar functions of The productivity platform It is also integrated into other platforms, such as Amazon Alexa, Siri, Slack, Apple Watch and more.

Do you dare to try it?