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Minecraft Pocket Edition include download store in the next update

Minecraft Pocket Edition, the mobile edition of the game, will make a huge leap in quality with the new download store. Maps, skins, textures …

As a good multiplatform game that is, Minecraft can be played on computers, on TV using consoles and also on mobile. Although they share style, characters and basic maps, they do not include all the options since Microsoft gives preference to Minecraft for computers, which is the most advanced. Although that does not mean that it is better, the rest of the versions have their own characteristics.

Minecraft Pocket Edition, the mobile version, is about to be updated with a juicy novelty: Minecraft Marketplace. What does it consist of? It is a store of additions to the game with which to expand, and customize, its possibilities. This Marketplace will come in an upcoming update that will arrive soon.

Minecraft Marketplace brings to the mobile community creations

If something good has Minecraft is the huge community of users and developers that attracts around you. No one could have predicted it 7 or 8 years ago, but the game has remained fresh since then thanks to its combination of strategy, construction, survival and collaborative play. Not to mention that it has revitalized the 8-bit style.

Minecraft Pocket Edition will have download store with its new update

Microsoft wants to take advantage of the enormous work that the community dedicates to the Minecraft of their loves by bringing a new option to the mobile version. The download store will offer all kinds of content related to Minecraft Pocket Edition to make it more fun and, above all, varied. Although yes: all patches and packs they will have a cost in virtual currency that must be accessed through real money.

Minecraft Marketplace will offer new worlds to explore and survive, it will have texture packs with which to vary the appearance of the blocks or the characters, it will have skins… And the payment will go to the creators of that content so that further development is encouraged. . The payment method will be simple and will serve all platforms: once the purchase is made, it will be available for any version of Minecraft Pocket Edition and also for the Windows 10 version.

Minecraft store will hit mobile phones in spring

Minecraft Pocket Edition will have download store with its new update

Microsoft has not given a specific date for the arrival of Minecraft Marketplace, but it does mark a specific season: spring. It will arrive on Android in an upcoming game update; same as iOS and also Windows 10. As we said, purchases will be used for all platforms: It is enough to make a payment so that the download is in the other versions through the Minecraft account.