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Instamail Photos, the iPad App You Need to Send Email

Instamail Photos is a really fantastic iPad application with which you can, in a very fast and simple way, attach to the email you want to send all the images you want regardless of the amount. Although iOS 6 no longer limits five images Instamail Photos is an application that you can have downloaded on your iPad for the ease with which you will insert all the photos you want. You can also do it at once, not like in iOS 6 that you can only attach more than five images from the draft, with the nuisance that this entails.

The interface is simple, when you open the application you receive two buttons, one larger with a clip that reminds us of the typical button to attach and another where you can download other applications from the same developer or even recommend the application to your friends in addition to other functions.

Instamail Photos

Simple, open Instamail Photos and press the large central button and then access all your photo library to choose the images you want to send. The only requirement of the application is to accept the location service so that Instamail Photos can enter your photo gallery. The app uses the same email client you are using so the way of writing does not change but have the limitations imposed by the server itself. If you use Gmail or Hotmail you will not have a limitation in terms of the amount of images to send but only in terms of the total size, with 25 Mb being the maximum allowed.

We leave you a video of how Instamail Photos works for iPad:

Instamail Photos is an application specially designed for iOS and being universal with a single payment you can enjoy it on your iPhone and your iPad. The application is fully optimized for the iPhone 5 screen and is fully compatible with all iPad models, including the iPad Mini.

In addition, the application since its last update has undergone a new design of icons that make the task even easier and a new configuration window has been added. They have also eliminated some other error that occurred and improved the speed and stability of the application. The truth is that Instamail Photos attach your images very quickly and do not be lazy to attach your entire photo library. You can also write the mail as usual and add all the email addresses you want. Have you already tried it ?, what are you waiting for ?, ask us your opinion.

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