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Instagram will tell Facebook where you are if you don't avoid it

The departure of the founders of Instagram from Facebook took many by surprise, but as data and leaks of the new functions that will be incorporated by its former application are coming out, we understand why they have left.

The Facebook's reputation for caring for the security and privacy of its users leaves much to be desired, something that differed from WhatsApp or Instagram. But as soon as those apps have become part of Facebook things have started to change.

The last to be affected quite aggressively is Instagram, A new feature is tested on some users with which you will create a location history and share it with Facebook.

An option that you can disable, if you know it exists

This new option has been discovered by Jane Manchun, who has posted some snapshots of her new location history on her Twitter profile.

Thanks to him, Instagram will always know where we have been, just as Google knows if we do not deactivate the option of his apps.

But not only that, but also Instagram made it clear that the data you get from your GPS will be shared with the rest of the Mark Zuckerberg emporium applications like Facebook or Messenger.

How to deactivate the option

Although at the moment it is a function that is undergoing tests, when it is launched (which will be launched) we can go to Instagram settings and in Privacy and Security there will be a new section, called Location.

If we click on it we will see that there is an access (the first section) which is where you we give Instagram permission or not so that you know our location. The second section, called Location History, is where we can disconnect this function, or see the complete history of the sites where Instagram knows we have been.

If you prefer to leave this activated, go ahead, but let Facebook not know where you are at any moment just because you didn't know that Instagram would start telling you.