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If you are a LoL player, don't miss League Friends


If you are a LoL player, don't miss League Friends

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April 23, 2016

league friends app

One of the facts that has transformed the videogame industry in recent years, is not in better graphics, great playability or visual or sound effects of the cinema. The big change has come from the interconnection between devices to be able to enjoy the best works, but also, the possibility that players from all over the world can communicate in real time and form large network games with which to further improve the experience of game.

In the field of applications we also find this. Games that have caused a rage like League of Legends, have gone a step further in search of further improving the characteristic features of this saga that combines role, strategy and action. Here we talk about League Friends, a complementary tool that can be very useful for those fans of the best battles.


League Friends is an app with very simple keys: This is a messaging tool created especially for players of LOL who wish to be in real time contact either with people from your closest environment who also have this title as with players from anywhere in the world. Through it, you can also plan games and organize events related to this game.

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Other features

As with the most popular communication apps, League Friends incorporates other functions such as notification deactivation or the possibility of forming user groups. At the same time, we can receive notices about latest news of the main game as it happens with platforms like Whatsapp. One of its strengths is its compatibility with different platforms such as PC, tablets or smartphones.


This tool does not have no cost and has gotten around 5 million downloads. It does not require integrated purchases, which has been very well received by League of Legends users. However, it has also received criticism in some sections such as synchronization failures between chats and games or a greater capacity for customization.

League Friends

League Friends

As you have seen, some of the games with more success aim to position themselves as leaders thanks to the task of other elements whose main purpose is not only to interconnect users, but also to retain them more and get new ones. Do you think that League Friends can set a precedent in these types of tools? You have more information available on other messaging apps focused on specific groups such as ZapZap so that you know more alternatives at your fingertips.