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HTC joins Android tablets

Do youWhat is HTC capable of with a tablet and Android? Well, it is something we will know not in a long time, HTC is in South Africa presenting its Desire, Legend and Smart devices and its representative Quinton Leigh has given the news.

He talks about working on a tablet with Android operating system, but does not give very clear information, says that it will not be a tablet itself and not a single specification. It also indicates that work is being done so that future smartphones are capable of record video at 1080p and play sound in 5.1. The bad"? Well, we will have to wait for mid 2011 to see it implemented.

It is clear that the tablets are here to stay and everyone wants to be the best to compete with the iPad, who will get it? I think this new HTC device has many integers to get it. We will be expectant to their characteristics, what do you think they will be? Sliding physical keyboard? Powerful processor? …

Via: Phandroid.