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How to uninstall Huawei applications from factory without root

uninstall apps huawei manufactures by default

You buy a brand new Huawei P30 Lite, complete the initial setup and see that there are a lot of pre-installed Huawei applications that are installed from the factory. A priori, EMUI, the customization layer that moves under Android, prevents uninstalling Huawei applications. The only way to get rid of these is to disable them from the Settings application… Unfortunately, this method does not eliminate any application, but instead serves to hide them from the user's view. The good news is that there is a method that allows us to uninstall Huawei applications from the factory without root. The only requirement? Have a Windows or Mac computer and a USB data cable.

Since the steps we will detail below are applicable to any version of Android and EMUI, the tutorial is compatible with all Huawei and Honor phones. Huawei P9 Lite, P10, P8, Y5, Y6 2018, Y7, Y9, Mate 10 Lite, Mate 20 Lite, Mate 20, Mate 10, P30, Huawei P20, P20 Lite, P20 Pro, P8 Lite 2017, P30 Lite, P Smart and P Smart Plus, among others.

Fastboot and ADB: everything you need to uninstall Huawei applications

ADB and Fastboot are the two tools that we will use to uninstall Huawei preinstalled applications that come by default on the mobile. Both tools they use the Windows CMD and the Mac Terminal to execute commands that will eliminate any application of the system. We can download them from the links that we will leave below.

After downloading the tool in question, we will execute the file adb.exe in the case of Windows and adb in the case of Mac and we will press on the Y key to accept the installation of ADB.

How to uninstall Huawei applications from factory without root 1

Then we will proceed with the installation of the drivers of our mobile phone through the HiSuite program.

This last step is optional, since the system usually recognizes the phone without any problem.

Activate development settings and USB debugging on your Huawei mobile

The next step to enable the telephone connection with ADB and Fastboot is based on activating the development settings. In Huawei we can proceed by accessing the System section in Settings. Then we will go to About phone and we will press several times on Compilation number until the settings are activated. To access them we will go back to System again.

How to uninstall Huawei applications from factory without root 2

Once inside we will have to activate the USB Debugging option that can be found in the Debugging section. Now we just have to connect the phone to the computer and wait for a message similar to the one we can see just below this paragraph. In case the message does not appear, we will have to activate USB debugging just after connecting the phone to the computer.

How to uninstall Huawei applications from factory without root 3

Finally we will accept the operation and We will mark the option Always allow on this computer.