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How to see the Velvet Collection Christmas Special

The Serie Velvet It became a success since its first chapter was broadcast on Antena 3 in 2014. Four seasons later the story of Ana Ribera and Alberto Mrquez, starring Paula Echevarra and Miguel Angel Silvestre, ends.

To the delight of the most acrrimos fans, in 2017 the spin-off Velvet Collection, whose plot revolves around the opening of a new headquarters of the Velvet Galeras in Barcelona. Now, this series also comes to an end.

These holidays, Movistar + invites you one last time to spend a night with Clara, Ral, Pedro, Mateo, Sergio, Jons, Marie, Blanca, Max, Paloma, Enrique, Macarena, Eduard, Omar, Patty and other characters from Velvet.

Do not miss this guide to know when the Christmas Special of Velvet Collection: A Christmas to remember, what can we expect from the end of the series and how to see all the seasons of Velvet and Velvet Collection.

When Velvet Coleccin's Christmas Special premieres

On December 20, Movistar + issue the Christmas Special of Velvet Collection, what an end to spin-off from Velvet. The special will last 80 minutes, marked by the reunion of the characters of Echevarra and Silvestre.

Perhaps this was not the end that everyone expected, especially considering that at the beginning the renewal of the series was confirmed with a third and last season. In the end, Movistar + decided to cancel the recording and replace it with a special film-shaped one.

How to see the Velvet Collection Christmas Special

As you probably know by now, the Christmas Special of Velvet Collection can be seen by Movistar +, the same platform on which the first two seasons of the spin-off from Velvet.

Also, as you know, it is a pay-TV platform, which means that you need to have one of their TV packages that includes their series channel. For only 5 per month extra, you can subscribe to their Movistar Series plan.

You can follow the special chapter A Christmas to remember both from your TV and by Yomvi without any additional cost. If needed, you can connect your device with Yomvi access to your TV without access to Movistar + with a HDMI cable.

Those who do not have access to Movistar + should know that there are doubtfully legal ways that will allow you to see the end. This is the famous channel aggregators. We are not responsible, but we recommend that you use a VPN and a antivirus.

How to watch all seasons of Velvet and Velvet Coleccin

If you want to relive the magic of the Velvet Galleys, you can see all the seasons of Velvet both in Atresplayer like in Amazon Prime Video. In the first case, you can only see them if you have an account premium.

In the case of Prime Video, new subscribers can enjoy a completely free 30-day trial period. If you do not cancel it on time, this subscription will be renewed automatically and you will pay 36 per year.

On the other hand, Velvet Collection only available in Movistar +. As we have said before, that means that you should have contracted one of the plans with access to series included in the payment platform.