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How to create your video summary of 2019 on Facebook

Like every year, Facebook It allows create a summary video of all your 2019 publications, so in your phone or on the web version of the social network you should already see this possibility, a video publication that you can share on your wall.

This section comes just when Facebook announces the most commented topics of the year on Facebook divided by months, some of them topics that are current today or that were at the time.

He Year in review come back by these dates, a specific section of this little that Facebook activates for all users progressively so that they can share a nice Video summary with all those photos and videos that have been uploaded in 2019.

It is available from December 11 and must appear in the news section of your Facebook on your mobile, or also on the computer, but if not, there is a way to force it so you can create your custom summary video. Do the following:

  1. On your mobile, enter Facebook and click on the three horizontal stripes icon. Depending on whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone, the icon will be located in a different position.
  2. Once pressed, enter the memories option. That is where the section A day like Today appears that you can deactivate, but in this case we are not interested in this possibility, but in creating the video, which if everything goes well, should appear in the foreground.

Image - How to create your 2019 summary video on Facebook

  1. In case you already have it available, just click on the share button so that all your Facebook friends can view it, although before you can see it to see if you like it or not by clicking on the option touches to start.

Image - How to create your 2019 summary video on Facebook

Once published, you can press it to see it again, in it will appear your best photos and video with more I like it under a pleasant song.

This is how you can create the video summary of Facebook, in case that accessing the memories of your profile does not appear this possibility, it will be enough to wait a few hours or some more so that you can see it, because this functionality is gradually unfolding.

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