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How to activate the 'incognito mode' of Google Maps and protect your privacy

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Privacy is something that traditionally has not been highly valued in today's society, however in recent years it is gaining popularity and brands are incorporating improvements that try to protect users. One of the companies that is trying to “wash” its image in terms of privacy is Google, and with a new Google Maps feature wants to go one step further.

The company has just introduced a feature in Google Maps called ‘incognito’ that allows you to activate it nobody can know the places we have visited. It is a function available on Android since the beginning of the year and has finally reached the iOS application.

Now you can prevent Google from knowing where you've been

Thanks to the new incognito mode of Google Maps or the company of the search engine and other companies that buy this data they will be able to know the places where it is state. Because yes, until now, every time you did a search in the Google Maps app associated with your Google account, the places you were looking for were saved in your "location history" to then recommend restaurants or activities.


Now when we do a search on Google Maps in incognito mode, iPhone does not update location history and this information will not be collected. It is an important function and this is how you can activate it:

  • Update the Google Maps app to its latest version.
  • We enter Google Maps on our iPhone.
  • Click on our photo at the top right to enter the account options.
  • We activate in incognito mode.


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Following these steps neither Google nor third-party companies will be able to know the places you have visited or the restaurants you've searched on Google Maps. Of course, this new incognito mode is not intended to be active all the time, it works similarly to that found in browsers such as Chrome.