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How much do you know about the game Clash Royale?

Prove you're an expert on Clash Royale with this challenging 15-question test. How many are you able to hit? We challenge you!

With as many Android games as are available in the Google Play Store, it is almost a miracle to remain in the top positions for months. That is what he has achieved Clash Royale: This game has been on the podium since it came out. And it is not surprising: its combination of playability, collecting, fast games and collaborative game achieves such addictive results that it is impossible to throw only one game. Let them tell me …

We usually look at the panorama Clash Royale because we know how much everything related to him is of interest. News, news, updates … But today we will not go through the current aspect, but we will try to challenge your knowledge about the game. Do you dare to participate?

Find out how much you know about Clash Royale with a 15-question test

How much do you know about Clash Royale? We challenge you to discover it with this test

If you have ever played this game you will know several of the questions, but only if you have a lot of experience will you get the highest score. This test is calibrated to be a challenge almost as high as facing the Legendary Arena. 15 questions about the game, its cards, its operation… How much do you know about Clash Royale?

The time has come, here is the test. Don't forget to discuss your score with all of us: let's see who is the one who knows the most about Clash Royale. Let the robe begin …! The test, let the test begin …