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HearthStone gives you free envelopes, letters and gold just for connecting

To celebrate the arrival of the year of the Mamuth in HearthStone they have thrown the house out of the window and will give away envelopes, letters and gold just to connect us.

HearthStone, the popular Blizzard card game inspired by World of Warcraft, changed its mechanics a while ago to move from a single mode to a double, Wild and Standard one. This change implied significant changes in the way the cards were used. Each year some would leave the Standard mode and could only be used in the Wild.

That moment of this year is approaching and the passage of the year of the Kraken to the year of the Mamuth will entail sacrifices, but also a new expansion called Journey to Un’Goro and apparently gifts for everyone.

Envelopes, gold and letters if we connect daily

Envelopes, gold and letters if we connect daily

The warming of this celebration has been taking place in the weekly tavern fights that during the last two, and that of the 29th, give us an envelope of the new expansion instead of one of the set of standard cards.


But the strongest news are the gifts that the game will give us simply by connecting every day until April 6.

  • March 29: 50 gold coins
  • March 30: Gadgetzan Mafias expansion card envelope
  • March 31: 100 arcana powders
  • April 1: envelope of expansion letters Whispers of the Ancient Gods
  • 2 of April: envelope of letters of the expansion Journey to Un’Goro
  • April 3: 50 gold coins
  • April 4: envelope of letters from the expansion Journey to Un’Goro
  • April 5: Volcanosaurus gold letter

To obtain these prizes we will simply have to connect to our account although on the day 5 there is another requirement. It will have to be from an updated device to the latest version of the game.

Do not forget to enter every day since the prizes are deactivated at 24 hours and are not saved as happens with the daily missions.

The launching day of the new expansion has not yet been confirmed, although it is known that it will be at the beginning of April, so it is possible that after this event with multiple gifts we can enjoy the new cards. Maybe on April 6?