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Google improves your privacy, but Android permissions remain a disaster

After yesterday's scandal, Google has announced a new project that aims to improve privacy. Called as Project Strobe, we will soon have better tools to control the privacy of our Google account.

First Gmail, and then Google+, privacy issues never come alone

A few months ago we met a privacy issue in Gmail. Without our knowing it, many people could have been reading our Gmail email account due to a series of permissions we gave to some specific applications.

Google closes Google Plus for a massive data leak

This is an issue that had some significance, since in the end Privacy is a topic that concerns users (especially when our data is filtered). Yesterday we met a new ad from Google, and it was about the filtering of data from one of its applications.

This application is Google+, the social network that Google presented several years ago, and that today was one of Google's services with less relevance. This filtration has cost the social network its definitive closure.

Project Strobe: more specific control over the information we share

Google wanted to take advantage of the closure of Google+ to announce a new project, whose only relationship with Google+ is prevent other Google applications from experiencing privacy issues.

In the same announcement, Google announced Project Strobe, a new permission management system for our Google account. The purpose of Project Strobe is to offer granular access to the data that an application can obtain from our Google account.

Before, one application asked us for access to data from several Google services, and our option was to accept all or deny all. With Project Strobe, we will have to accept or deny each permit individually, giving us the opportunity to share with our application our access to Google Calendar, but not to Google Drive.

Project Strobe will arrive soon to our Google account, although we still have no record of the moment it will.

A problem that goes beyond our Google account

Google limits access to SMS and phone applications

It has not been the only change that has come, and it is that a few hours ago we told you a novelty on Android. From now on, only the default applications will have access to our call and message log. With this measure, Google has limited customization on Android, in exchange for improving privacy, preventing applications from accessing data they don't need.