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four consecutive photos for a stop-motion effect

The new mode "Poses" is in development for Instagram Stories camera, and allow us to take four consecutive photos, with which we will make a montage where we can go out with various poses or faces in each one.

The new Poses function creates a stop-motion effect similar to what many of us have done in a street photo machine with friends: as between each photo a few seconds pass, we change gestures and positions to get a fun result.

That's what Instagram Instagram poses with Poses. There will be a total of four photos, each separated by 3 seconds of time, and the images will then be uploaded to a single Story.

The novelty has been revealed on Twitter by Jane Manchun Wong, a Chinese engineer known for discovering features in development in the apps code. We even have some screenshots of how your interface looks on Instagram:

Image - Instagram Stories will add

Basically, Poses has similarities with Boomerang and other similar effects, which thanks to an ingenious use of time achieve striking results. Basically, this function is a kind of timelapse, but instead of using hundreds of photos and covering a lot of time, it is limited to four captures.

Surely Instagram users make the most of this novelty with interesting Stories. Although the most obvious is mimic the effect of a photo machine or "fotomatn", there are more possibilities.

For example, in TikTok, stop-motion videos are popular, with movements based on independent frames. Instagram may seek to imitate that function, but it is too soon to know.

It will be necessary to wait to see what concrete options include Poses in the Stories camera, and if it allows to create the montages with photos taken previously, or only at that moment.

Being a function that Instagram is testing internally, it is not known when to reach users, and may even be canceled if the results are not as expected. Anyway, Instagram usually has fast development times, and it will be normal for Poses not to take long to launch.

While using a photo editor for Instagram we also get striking effects, with the Poses mode we will have more varied Stories on Instagram, always counting on the first few days there is usually a certain "abuse" of the news, which everyone wants to try.

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What do you think in this way Poses for Stories? Do you think it will become popular on Instagram?