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Final Fantasy VII Remake exclusive to PlayStation 4 for a year

Final Fantasy VII Remake exclusive for PlayStation 4 for a year – TecNoticias, your information portal

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released for PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020. Today, developer and editor Square Enix has shared the official design of the box for the seminal JRPG and in it, a peculiar note clearly indicates that the game Be exclusive to the Sony console for a year. There are no concrete details about future platforms, but we suspect that both PC, Xbox One and probably PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will receive their own versions in March 2021.

It was the first days of the current generation of consoles when Square Enix finally fulfilled the wishes of JRPG fans worldwide, by announcing the remake of Final Fantasy VII. Originally released more than two decades ago in the powerful PlayStation 1, FFVII put its seal on the JRPG genre as very few games after him. The magnificent CG kinematics, the orchestral soundtrack and a world of 3D games made it one of the best selling games on the PS1. Future Final Fantasy titles were built on the FFVII plane, but time was not very nice to him. The rudimentary 3D game and slow releg it to the hardcore niche.

It is exactly here where Final Fantasy VII Remake aims to bring the game to the future, implementing more modern game techniques and presenting a first level presentation. However, all this work comes at a price, since the remake will be launched episodes periodically over several years. Until now, it was only marketed and even talked about the version of PlayStation 4. The era of third-party exclusives is coming to an end with its own titles even reaching new platforms. As such, it was always logical that FFVII Remake arrived at other systems sooner or later.

While we still don't know for sure what platforms they are, now we know when to happen. According to the new box design, Final Fantasy VII Remake will remain exclusive to PS4 until March 3, 2021.

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