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Features and price of this accessory

The Xiaomi company regularly surprises with the products it launches, since some are not very common, but always include something that makes them different. An example is the new Xiaomi Gigabee Smart Walkie Talkie, which comes with interesting options in what has to do with connectivity.

On paper a device of this type is always thought to be intended for use by official bodies or, failing that, it is something with which the smallest of the house have fun. But, in reality, it is not so since they offer advanced use options to communicate and, for this, Xiaomi Gigabee Smart Walkie Talkie includes connection options They are not exactly minor. An example of what we say is that this device includes access to networks 4G, so it is capable of sending messages in almost any situation and even voice calls are possible.

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Without losing the function of standard communication in Walkies Talkies, which allows contact with compatible models that use the same frequency (we talk about several kilometers), the new product of the Asian company includes Wifi. This, which allows advanced usage options by adding the use of GPS, enable a solid set to communicate in any way possible. It is even possible to perform actions that are very common in products of this type, such as being able to send a location to be located.

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Xiaomi Gigabee Smart Walkie Talkie arrives with a large autonomous

This is a feature that is always important in a device that is designed to be used in conditions of mobility, and the hours that can be used by the new Asian manufacturer reaches the 40 hours combined all its functions, so we speak of an excellent autonomous. By the way, an excellent detail offered by this product is that the charging port is type USB type C, so you can use the smartphone charger without any problem.

Use walkie Xiaomi Gigabee Smart Walkie Talkie

In what has to do with the design that Xiaomi Gigabee Smart Walkie Talkie offers, this is quite positive, since it offers dimensions that fit perfectly in the hand As you can see in the previous image. In addition, it does not lack a two-inch IPS color screen in which relevant data such as the frequencies used and even small text messages are seen. In the middle zone there are four buttons that allow to configure and choose the options of use, and in the lower one is where the microphone is that is of great sensitivity and capable of eliminating the ambient noise.

Price of this new advanced Walkie Talkie

With option to create groups To chat, by invitation, and the possibility of making calls to smartphones due to 4G compatibility, it is possible to make SOS notices with Xiaomi Gigabee Smart Walkie Talkie. The new product is possible to obtain it already in China, in other regions it remains to be seen whether to arrive but it is always possible to resort to importation, and the price that it has is 399 yuan, which remains the change in 51 euros.