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Disable phone apps from your motorola

Many when buying a device tend to choose a terminal released or accompanied by a telephone network, so when you start said terminal you will find junk phone applications to offer you internet packages among other things.

These applications are installed on the device either by inserting the sim card or simply because the phone is not released and comes from said telephone company, here in TecnoCat we will explain how to disable these annoying applications on your Motorola device.

It is worth mentioning that this function only works for Motorola devices since it is disabled to an official application of this which enables these telephone network applications for the smartphone.

Just simply go to settings, once there you should select apps and notifications and that is where you will select app information so you can take all your applications installed on the device.

Being there, it looks for the application called App Box which has the function of executing mobile network applications, among others, so once this application is deactivated, no junk app will appear in the terminal.

It should be mentioned that there is nothing wrong or as a consequence uninstall this application since it is simply used to run applications from other companies so it is used more than anything for mobile network applications.