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Did you know that the cloud is key to the SME business? Telefnica helps you migrate to the cloud

The cloud has established itself as the key technology for the technological development of companies. In fact, lanube is key to increasing the business of SMEs, however, there are many who still do not use it. This is why Telefnica has been given the task of creating the campaign Go to Cloud to boost the migration of SMEs to the cloud and encourage their growth in the current market context.

The company made a series of videos in which the most common doubts that small and medium companies have about the cloud are cleared and where their application to the business is shown. In these videos, these concerns are answered and users are presented with the advantages of this technology for companies.

Solve the doubts that this technology raises, approach its use and its practical applications in the day to day of a business, talk about its implications at the security level and show the necessary steps as well as the factors to assess when moving to the cloud, are some of the issues that are addressed in these videos. Here we leave you some.

Advantages of the cloud

Cloud is a well-known word in the business world, but the benefits of this technology for business are not always known. Go to Cloud brings to SMEs the advantages of making the leap to the cloud.

Cloud Risks

Around the cloud myths and beliefs have arisen that far from solving the doubts that this technology can generate, amplan. Telefnica cloud business development experts clear up the unknowns that have been generated on the cloud.

Is the cloud safe?

Security is the main concern of SMEs when talking about hosting their data in the cloud. Choosing a trusted technology partner is essential to carry out this process.

Today, 68% of SMEs that already use the Cloud, recommend its use because it helps improve internal processes and It can mean significant investment savings of technological infrastructures as well as maintenance costs, for companies. The agility and flexibility of this technology translates into an improvement in productivity in the core of SMEs, which by not having their own physical infrastructure can grow in functionalities and services according to their needs.

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