Control your device without touching it!

Control your device without touching it!

We know that this app has years in the application store but it is actually very good and very useful and even today, since actually managing part of the device without touching it can be an emergency tool.

As time went by the devices have improved in terms of sensors and that is why the application will serve you in such a perfect way on any device this year and even last year.

This is the Wave Control application which allows you to control your music, play videos and calls with just a gesture of your hand on the device, you will not have the need to touch it and even for the music you can do it with your screen turned off.

This application works with almost any music player and even Spotify, this application was one of the best of Android in that 2012 since it really is a very essential tool for when you have your hands busy and you can not touch the terminal.

We will leave this application in a direct link to Mega so you can download it in its Pro version which has unlocked features and functions so you can fully enjoy this application.

Download here