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12 great tips and tricks for Android TV to improve your TV experience

Android TVs are great, and with Android TV boxes like Mi Box, the cost of having an Android TV is also greatly reduced. The Mi Box can be easily configured and gives you all the freedom of the Android ecosystem. Well almost. However, while there are many easy-to-use functions on the Android TV, there are some unclear functions hidden in the platform. Therefore, if you have an Android TV and want to get more than l, Here are 12 tips and tricks for Android TV you should know :

1. Sideload applications on Android TV

While there are quite a few applications available for Android TV, the selection of applications available on the Android TV Play Store can be quite limited at times. Especially when it comes to utility applications that you can have on your TV. Fortunately, you can easily download Android applications to your Android TV.

To download applications on your Android TV, simply download the APK file on your computer and copy it to a USB flash drive . Then, simply connect the USB drive to your Android TV, and use an application such as ES File Explorer, to install the APK on your TV.

If attaching a USB flash drive is not a viable option for you, you can even use FTP to download Android applications on your Android TV.

2. Use your mobile phone as a remote control for Android TV

Android TV boxes come with some really decent remote controls. The Mi Box comes with a really nice, lightweight and elegant remote control. However, these Bluetooth remote controls can only go very far when it comes to ease of use, especially when you need to write text on your TV. Fortunately, Google has an application of " Android TV remote control "(free), which you can use to get a remote interface on your mobile . With a Bluetooth / WiFi connection Between your TV and your phone, you can easily navigate the interface through your Android phone.

The best thing about this is that when you need to enter text on the Android TV, you can use your mobile's on-screen keyboard To do so, which is definitely much faster than using the Leanback keyboard with which Android TVs come. .

3. Browse the Internet on Android TV

Android TVs do not usually come with built-in web browsers. However, since it is possible to download Android applications on an Android TV, you can easily download a browser to your Android TV and use it to surf the Internet on the biggest screen in your home . There are a lot of excellent Android browsers that you can download on your Android TV, and most of them will work fine. With a browser on your Android TV, you can freely surf the Internet directly on your TV, and larger screens are generally better. We use Google Chrome on our Android TV, but it doesn't work well without a pointing device, so you will have to connect a mouse to your TV. If that is a decisive factor for you, Web TV (free) is another browser you can use, but it has a poor UI.

4. Connect Gamepad with Mouse Mode

Google clearly wants Android TV to become a viable gaming platform; At least for casual games. Therefore, the Most Android gamepads connect easily with Android TVs to via Bluetooth and then can be used to play. However, many gamepads, such as the Amkette Evo Pad 2 that we are using, come with a "Mouse Mode", and switching to that mode can give you a cursor on your Android TV for point and click actions .