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Xiaomi folding phone can be seen again in a video


The video shows us in detail the design of the Xiaomi folding cell phone.

Xiaomi / YouTube

Samsung and Huawei recently presented their new additions to the world of phones with flexible screens, but it seems that the Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X They won't be alone in the market for a long time.

Xiaomi has a flexible phone in the oven which a video was leaked A few months ago and now, the Chinese company has shown us a second preview (also on video) of its future phone.

It has been in the Weibo account of Xiaomi and later on YouTube where a video has been shown that in addition to teaching us the design of the phone, he advances a new gesture to handle it using a single finger.

As shown in the video, just by sliding your finger from right to left on the screen, it rotates and adapts to the new format that the phone has when folding it.

At the moment, apart from these videos, we don't know many official details about the phone, although the iGyaan technology site suggested that the phone cost about US $ 999, almost half of Samsung's Galaxy Fold. Some rumors also indicate that it will be launched between April and June, although for the moment, Xiaomi has not confirmed anything.

In addition to Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei, many other brands are working on these types of devices. LG do not have theirs in the last edition of the MWC, but we know you are working on itor at least it is one of the pioneers in the development of this type of screens. Also Motorola will announce its new Razr flexible and Honor plans to launch his in 2020.

With this scenario, it is clear that the flexible telephone segment is about to start, so it is possible that in the next few years it will settle and that they will reach the market at a much cheaper price and a size more restrained than what we see nowadays.

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