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Whatsapp start showing advertising to generate revenue

WhatsApp start showing advertising during 2020 and this was confirmed by Chris Daniels, vice president of WhatsApp. This move came shortly after Facebook pressed for this messenger app to start generating money.

At first the publicity was going to appear only in the states, but finally the company has made another design to appear within the conversations.

WhatsApp start showing advertising

How to be WhatsApp advertising?

whatsapp advertising

WhatsApp was intended to show advertising in the states. That is, a kind of advertising stories were going to appear when the user was browsing the states of their contacts. These ads, in case you don't want more information, were going to be able to skip. But, finally, a new design has been made and advertising appears within the conversations. In this new format there will be outstanding images, quick access to information without leaving the application, rich text and direct contact with the brand.

To prevent advertising from appearing in an intrusive way, these messages will only come from companies that use WhatsApp Business. That is to say, unless the user has previously started a conversation with the company, no advertising appears. In this way the user, in a way, can control what advertising messages he receives.

Can you choose not to share data?

Although Facebook has access to the mobile that is used to access WhatsApp, with end-to-end encryption it does not have messages. Obviously sharing information with Facebook will allow the two companies to coordinate to send users much more personalized advertising. But this It is in the hands of the user, who can freely decide from the WhatsApp configuration, in the Account tab, whether or not to share information. If you choose Do not share, you will get a message that warns that this option cannot be changed in the future. Personal data will not then be linked to this social network, but what is not known is what happens to what has already been shared.

WhatsApp change your privacy policy

whatsapp earn money

In the updated privacy policy you can specify that companies can send messages to WhatsApp users. The company suggests that messages that are normally sent via text messages (SMS), such as information related to the status of a flight or bank movements, may begin to be sent via WhatsApp. And these messages, in turn, may include an offer that may interest the user.

Obviously all this for WhatsApp is very beneficial because you start generating income if you charge companies a fee for sending messages. Of course, many marketing experts agree that you have to be very careful with this because many users use WhatsApp precisely because it has no advertising that hinders its use. The company defended itself by ensuring that there will be an initial test phase and that it promises to avoid a spam experience because it does not want thousands of users to be flooded with ads. He also commented that he did not show the well-known banner ads in his application.

Other applications have already done it

WhatsApp is not the only messenger application that activates the advertising appearance. Other apps of this type, such as WeChat from China, have already allowed communication between companies and consumers to be carried out through it and it has proved a success. WeChat is a content-based platform that was opened to third parties to allow users to make payments, book taxis and make purchases through it.

That WhatsApp begin to show advertising is already a fact and it seems that this is the definitive address that Facebook will finally take with this app. Now only remains to see the reaction of users.