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WhatsApp offers a reminder function with which you don't forget anything

International.- Instant messenger apps have changed the way we communicate in the day with our friends and family, not only with the closest ones but with those who are far from us. Among these apps, the most popular, without a doubt, is WhatsApp, which already has more than 600 million users worldwide and has been imposed on other options in the different app markets: Telegram, Facebook Messenger and WeChat , among other.

The app has turned 10 years old

WhatsApp has turned 10 years recently, since its first version, and it is true that there are many changes that are being introduced so that its users do not leave the app. Now, the app has developed a new tool that will make you forget nothing and that you can organize all your tasks through a new reminder system through your chat.

This tool has been created with the integration of the service, oriented to the creation of tasks. This merger, which will make it possible to schedule reminders of your calendar and receive them through WhatsApp, as if it were a conversation, so that it is more difficult to forget about them.

It will cost $ 2.99 per month

Any user can try this new WhatsApp function for free for 7 days in the "Settings / Integrations" section of the app itself. Although later, to be a payment tool, having a monthly cost of 2.99 dollars, allowing the installation of a bot to remember events and appointments as if it were a normal chat application.

Maybe it is successful or maybe not but it is true that this new WhatsApp function is already offered, free of charge, by many electronic mail systems or most calendar apps that you can use on your smartphone, since just by writing a new entry , reminders and reminder alerts can be configured.