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WhatsApp added calls waiting in new update

WhatsApp has a new function that can make users happy to make calls through the app From Facebook: Voice conversations on hold, now available on iOS and Android.

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This new update of WhatsApp can now be downloaded in versions 2.19.120 of the app of iOS and Android 2.19.352, and although it may be a feature that will surely please the most frequent users of the application, since when a person is making a phone call receive a real-time notification when someone else wishes to communicate with herUnfortunately, the function still does not have the option to pause the conversation and go to the other public without having to hang up the call. But it is already a breakthrough.

Previously, when you receive a call while you have a chat with someone else, you can only find out until you finish it, but now have two options: decline the call or end the current call and accept the incoming one. Of course, if the user accepts the call should consider that another conversation will stop.

In the following image obtained by Android Police You can see how this new WhatsApp update works:

WhatsApp call waiting(Photo: Android Police)

WhatsApp call waiting

Another of the new features that WhatsApp is including in its updates They are the option to choose who can add you in a group chat, which you must enable through the settings section in Account> Privacy> Groups and select any of these three alternatives: ‘My contacts’, ‘My contacts except’ and ‘My contacts’.

In addition, WhatsApp is expected very soon Start enabling the option of self-destructive messages.

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