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Twin Shooter Invaders. Spaceships Made in Spain


Twin Shooter Invaders. Spaceships Made in Spain

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May 4, 2016

twin shooter invaders app

The video game industry has become a sector that increases its profits every year. Currently, within the entire cultural field, this branch is one of the most income generated worldwide and, to the traditional American domain and especially Japanese, we gradually find the arrival of a greater number of countries that seek to break with this dominant position or at least make a dent in this terrain.

The tablets and smartphones They have been the impetus that small game development companies for these media have used to get ahead. Some of them can be found in our country, and they are responsible for producing titles such as Twin Shooter Invaders, which we will now tell you about its most outstanding characteristics and that comes to show us that Spanish creators have dozens of ideas capable of transforming this industry.


The idea of ​​Twin Shooter Invaders is simple. At each end of the screen we have one of our spaceships. The mission is to defeat all the enemies that appear in the center of the panel by firing the ammunition of both. At first glance, it may seem simple but the thing is complicated when we have a rule: That our weapons do not reach the ship directed by us located on the other side.


With some visual effects that can remind us of Minecraft or a few Lego games, this work hides some surprises like the possibility to choose between 20 different artifacts, dozens of different weapons and, most strikingly, the option that two players can use the same device to play a game controlling each half of the panel.


Twin Shooter Invaders has no no cost, which has served to go to half a million downloads. Although it incorporates integrated purchases, the highest do not exceed 10 euros per item. Its theme, added to the simplicity of its handling and its playability, have been subject to positive assessments among many users.

Twin Shooter - Invaders

Twin Shooter - Invaders

As you have seen, small Made in Spain studios are capable of creating attractive works with simple but effective themes that manage to captivate tens of thousands of users inside and outside our country. You have more information available on other games made by Spanish developers like Adela, in which the objective is to rescue a girl who has been mysteriously lost, so that you can learn more alternatives within the national videogame industry.