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Huawei Nova 5T, analysis after two weeks of use 1

Against wind and tide, so we can define the situation that Huawei has been going through for months. However, this has not prevented the Chinese brand from increasing its market share, although they have benefited from the fact that only the terminals launched after Mate 30 have been really affected by the United States veto. Today we are going to analyze the Huawei Nova 5T, one of the last terminals that have launched, but that come with all Google services and applications.

A design with multilayer effect "to bait"

Huawei has not escaped the fashion of flashy finishes and the Nova 5T is a clear example of this. This terminal has measures 154.25 mm high, 73.97 mm wide and 7.87 mm thick, which remains at a weight of 174 grams and allows us to handle it with one hand, without problems and with enough comfort. Its rounded finishes, but not in excess, do not give that feeling that the phone tends to slip that I have noticed in other devices.

The configuration of its buttons consists of a tray on the left for nano SIM cards, while on the right we have the volume buttons and aDepress the on / off button, which is the fingerprint sensor at the same time.

Huawei Nova 5T, analysis after two weeks of use 2

Initially it seems that the sensor is somewhat low, but the truth is that it is an ideal place to use the index finger for unlocking if you are right handed or your thumb if you are left handed. Huawei is one of the best results with its sensors and the Huawei Nova 5T is no exception, being fast and accurate fingerprint unlocking, the best we've seen.

At the bottom we are going to find a USB Type-C port and a speaker consisting of five holes. There is no headphone port, but this time this is not a problem since in The package comes with a USB C to 3.5mm Jack adapter in addition to headphones with USB connection type C. A good detail that is appreciated.

In the upper part we have a microphone and a loudspeaker that is dropped until it touches the front screen and that together with that of the lower part offers us stereo sound.

Finally, and given that the screen will talk later, we have the back. This is where the eyes will be directed since they have some finishes, which using the words of Huawei is a “multilayer 3D designed to bake” finish. In other words, it is a finish with bright 3D effects intended for a young public who wants to wear it. The problem is that it is a magnet for fingerprints and these are very noticeable.

huawei nova 5t

In this same rear we have the camera system, arranged vertically with three lenses and the flash, leaving the fourth lens separated. We will also talk about them below, but we highlight that it has a 48MP sensor.

Fulfilling screen that takes advantage of space

One of the highlights of a terminal is its screen, after all it is our main way to interact with the phone. The Huawei Nova 5T has a 6.26-inch IPS LCD panel with FHD + resolution, occupying 96% of the front. It is one of the screens whose factory calibration I liked the most, although Huawei provides the possibility of making a series of adjustments to adapt it to our tastes, from preset temperature settings, to the possibility of manually adjusting it, including a reading mode which activates the blue light filter.

Their colors are vivid, highlighting more thanks to a pure white that makes them stand out. Its brightness is 450 nits so we can use it quite comfortably outdoors, even more thanks to a fairly fast and effective automatic adjustment.

Huawei Nova 5T, analysis after two weeks of use 7

This screen has a hole where the front camera is housed, which we can hide using software with a black upper band that makes it invisible.

In broad lines we can say that we are facing a good screen, in line with what we have in the range, which does not stand out but does not disappoint giving a very acceptable quality and experience.

Kirin 980 with 6 GB of RAM, guaranteed performance

Inside the Huawei Nova 5T we are going to find a Huawei processor, the Kirin 980 eight-core with dual NPU which, in the model we have tested, are accompanied by a 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. This processor is one of the best performance in this range and that is something that has been reflected in our experience.