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These are the essential tricks to take advantage of Gmail

Google's email service, like most of its digital products, has several tools that promise to improve the user experience. So, we leave you these essential tricks to take advantage of Gmail.

Essential tricks to take advantage of GmailPhoto by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

Later, we will add more recommendations to this article, although with these, for now, you have enough to make your Gmail "fly".

Personal stamp

Putting a signature in your emails is useful: in addition to giving a more professional image, you indicate to your contacts how they can address you. In Gmail, click on the cogwheel in the upper right, select Configuration and go to the section Firm; Here you will find everything you need to customize it.

No regrets

Essential tricks to capitalize on gmail 1

It is sure that most has happened, for different reasons, that sends a e-mail To a wrong person. Fortunately, Google's email platform offers, by default, 5 seconds to β€œundo” the shipment, but if you want to have more time, it is possible to set up to 30 seconds. To do this, go to Configuration and locate the section Undo the shipment.

Fast writing

We all have emails that almost always respond in the same way. And for this process to be faster, you have the option of activating a tool that, as you write, displays "predictive writing" suggestions. In Configuration, go to the section Smart writing and select Activate writing suggestions.

No time for all emails?

essential tricks to take advantage of gmail 2

Don't worry, if you receive an email that matters to you, but you don't have time to check it now, you can postpone it. By cursor over e-mail and see that cones are deployed on the right side; Click on the one that represents the clock and indicate the best time to open it (appear again in your tray).

Move from one message to another

How many messages can you have in the same conversation? So you don't get lost, move from one to another easily. You just have to open the conversation and press the N key if you want to go to the next message or P if you want to go to the previous one; To open or close one, press Enter for both cases.

Schedule your shipment

If you don't like bothering your contacts with emails at dawn, you can schedule these. Already when you have prepared your e-mail, the only thing you have to do is click on the arrow next to Submit and select Schedule Shipping (choose the most appropriate date and time).

essential tricks to take advantage of gmail 3

Confidential emails

Are you worried about the information you are sharing and want the maximum discretion for it? Then, you must use the confidential mode, which allows you to set an expiration date for messages or revoke access to them at any time. In the window of New message (above), locate the cone that has a lock and a clock, and set the confidentiality parameters that best suit you.

Agenda events in one step

For those who need to schedule invitations that arrive through the mail, they don't have to be jumping between applications. In Gmail, in the right sidebar, a shortcut to Calendar is located, in order to establish all kinds of events in a simple way.

Personal touch

As in Chrome, in Gmail you can also set the theme that best suits your personality, from a few simple ones to your own photographs. Click cogwheel and select Themes; Once they are displayed, select the one you like best.

essential tricks to take advantage of gmail 4

Mail always available

No internet connection? No problem, you can continue reading, responding or searching for messages in Gmail. In Configuration, go to the pestaa No connection, located at the top; once here, click on the box Enable offline email and choose the parameters that best suit you.

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