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The Galaxy Note 5 an is priceless in Spain because it may not arrive

And here is the new version of the device that gave life to the term phablet, half smartphone, half tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was presented at the Samsung Unpacked 2015 on August 13 in New York City. However, for Korean fans anxiously awaiting this new version of the device that gave birth to the phablet category, the news is not as happy as it could be… We may not even know the price of the Galaxy Note 5 in Spain because it may not reach Spain, and that will explain that Samsung has not announced its approximate date of arrival in Europe, which it has done with the S6 Edge +.

Galaxy Note 5 presentationThe presentation of Note 5 was given by Justin Denison, CEO of Samsung


In early 2015 Samsung surprised us with the Galaxy S6 and the curved S6 edge, The Note 5 has a Finished in the back made of curved glass to facilitate the grip, inherited from the Galaxy S6, in addition to having four colors at its launch: black, white, gold and silver.

Something that this model loses and that we expected to see is the resistance to water and dust, a feature that is much appreciated to preserve our smartphone, On the other hand its chassis and aluminum edges makes it more robust.

Galaxy Note 5 designThe classic S Pen could not stay out (Source: Samsung)

One of the additions is a physical QWERTY keyboard that attaches to the terminal, theSamsung Galaxy Note 5 Keyboard Cover,As it was baptized, it is an addition that the South Korean company has decided to integrate, apparently they are taking spaces in a land that is dominated by Blackberry. The price of this accessory is unknown, but it is expected to be available alongside Note 5.

Galaxy Note 5 keyboardA physical keyboard as an accessory for the Note 5 (Source: Samsung)


The screen has become extremely important in the mobile phone market, one of the aspects that conquers the most in the market, so it is not surprising that among the characteristics of the Galaxy Note5 a screen of 7.7 inches with technology stands out Super AMOLED QHD at 2560 x 1440 pixels compatible with the classic S-Pen, which could make the surface a little more susceptible to shocks than other screens.

"We believe in the Note, we knew there was a demand for mobile phones with larger screens," says Justin Denison, one of Samsung's CEOs. "Each version has been more popular than the previous one," referring to the Note family, “The mobile is the main screen of our lives”.

Galaxy Note 5 S PenThe S Pen can write even with the screen off (Source: Samsung)

Pen S

The fantastic retractable stylus that characterizes the Note family, certainly could not stay out, Samsung has worked a little more this time on this tool, even added the function of being able to write with the screen off, which for some is practical to when taking a quick note, apparently the screen recognizes when the Pen S is close and when being AMOLED screen The energy expenditure is lower, the navigation through the device is very fluid, as could be seen in the presentation.


The main camera is from 16 megapixels and will have the ability to record video in 4K resolution accompanied by a secondary that will reach 5 megapixels, Perfect for selfies. One of the little developed points during the presentation.

Galaxy Note 5 blackRounded edges allow a better grip (Source: Samsung)


The first feature that was presented at Unpacked 2015 was the fast wireless charging, achieving a 0% to 100% charge in 2 hours, but beware, the reality is that this new Note carries with it a 3000 mAh battery, comparing with the previous model that has 3220 is a reduction of energy of 220 mAh and an improvement in this aspect was expected.

Galaxy Note 5 batteryFast wireless charging, from 0% to 100% in 2 hours (Source: Samsung)


The processor was finally a SoC Samsung Exynos 7420 It combines an 8-core processor at 2.1 GHz and 64-bit, GPU. with 4 GB of RAM LP-DDR4, arrive in two versions: one of 32 and another of 64 GB of internal storage and, much attention to this, cannot be expanded by memories, the Note 5 loses the MicroSD card slot

There is no doubt that Samsung exhibits among the Galaxy Note5 features a powerful hardware. For now it is expected to include4 GB of LP-DDR4 RAM.

This machine be managed by an Operating System Android 5.1.1 Lollipop that can be updated to Android M before the end of the year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rear stylus pen spen reviewsThe finish uses high-end materials

Note 5 price

A rather controversial point is the fact that the price of the Note 5 has not been announced in Spain, nor in the rest of Europe, and therefore, this terminal may not arrive on these sides. From Samsung, the first dates for the arrival of Note 5 were confirmed, which is for the States and Asia this August and its price is for the moment of $ 899 for the 32 GB version while the 64 GB version cost $ 999.

Why not get Note 5 to Spain? It is a complicated issue to understand, if it is finally confirmed. If true, everything seems to indicate that it is due to the interest of Samsung to give more strength to its proposed curve, represented in the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus … Anyway, we at GizTab take a quick look at both terminals, and then we can summarize The good, the bad and the ugly of Samsung's new phablets: