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The Galaxy Fold resists 119,380 folds until the screen breaks

Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy Fold is one of the most anticipated phones of this fall. Samsung finally confirmed the release date of this phone in Spain this week, something that many looked forward to. Although the arrival of this folding phone of the Korean brand to the market is not without controversy. Since it seems that it continues having problems with the durability.

As we told you, a journalist has seen how the screen of your Galaxy Fold broke Without doing anything for it. A problem that partly tarnishes the arrival of this phone to the market. Therefore, in a video on YouTube it was wanted to test if the screen was as resistant as Samsung said.

Samsung said in its day that the Galaxy Fold, its specific screen, It could withstand up to 200,000 folds without breaking. This is what has been tested in this case, to see if the Korean firm was telling the truth. In this video, the phone screen has been folded 119,380 times until it has broken.

Although this figure should serve as an indication, since it is a machine, not a person. Therefore, the gesture of opening the phone is not the same at all times. In addition, we can see that the machine uses enough force to open it, so it is not something that people do.

In any case, it is not a bad figure for this Galaxy Fold. Since after 119,380 folds one side of the screen stops working. It is not until a few more folds when the phone screen stops working completely. In addition, you can see that the hinge is generating another noise over time.

These types of phones have this risk, something that was already known long ago. As we can see at least that the Galaxy Fold does not meet too badly in this regard for the Korean firm. So we must now see how consumers receive in Spain this phone from the Korean manufacturer.

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