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The best phones for less than 100 euros (August 2018)

Choosing a mobile is becoming more complicated, as there are more models and with fewer differences. More difficult is to choose in a tight budget, where opting for a bad decision can take its toll. We propose the Best mobiles for less than 100 euros.

However, we can have a good mobile, even if we have a very tight budget. Of course, keep in mind that the experience that a mobile will offer you at this price will be far from what we would expect if we look for performance in games or photographs, features that if you are interested maybe you should aim for higher budgets.

A mobile of 100 euros serves for messaging, music, video and web browsing modestly. The mobile will answer, but don't expect miracles. Do not expect to be up to date in terms of updates.

Mobile phones for less than 100 euros: Xiaomi Redmi 4A and 5A are the best option

New Xiaomi Redmi 4A for less than € 70

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi arrived in Spain in style, bringing their most popular mobiles. This appointment could not miss the Xiaomi Redmi 4A, which is probably the best selling mobile in the history of Xiaomi (at least, it is the only one that during 2017 entered the list of mobiles sold worldwide).

How did you get a mobile like this to be among the best sellers worldwide? Well, because it has a good power for the price we find, in addition to enjoying a good performance with a layer of customization such as MIUI. It is also the mobile phone with the best camera at this price, taking acceptable photographs in good light.

In recent months, Xiaomi has also brought to Spain the Xiaomi Redmi 5A, a mobile that has a slightly better camera (although not too much). It costs 109 euros, so if you want to have a better photographic experience, you are interested, although I recommend opting for the Redmi 4A of 32 GB of memory, it improves that for the same price it shows much more.

Honor 7A

New Honor 7A: double camera and frameless display for the low range

Huawei also bets on ultra-cheap phones in its Honor brand. In this device we have the minimum specifications for a mobile that at least works decently. It highlights its large screen in 18: 9 format and its fingerprint reader, located on the back of the device.

A highly recommended purchase if the Xiaomi brand does not convince you, since they are technically up to par.

Other alternatives

Have you been convinced by any of our best alternatives? We recommend these other phones.

I can spend more: Xiaomi Redmi 5

If the Xiaomi Redmi 4A and 5 A seem to us the best of this price range, the best recommendation we can make is that of spend a little more in the Xiaomi Redmi 5. For about 25 euros more you will have a better screen, a much more solvent processor and a camera that already starts to be able to take decent pictures if the lighting accompanies.