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The best page to download the original Android firmwares

One of the most interesting elements in Android phones are ROMs. With it you can access a multitude of modifications at levels that rarely see the phones, but to install them requires some knowledge.

Some knowledge is really required and especially having the files you need, this is somewhat more or less simple, but sometimes it becomes too complex when we look for the original firmwares, that is, those used by manufacturers in the models that come out of factory

If we install a ROM andFor any detail we want to reverse the installation of this, we must have the original firmware at hand,but calm down, the last Chainfire project makes this task easier for us.

For several years the developer, who is well known in the Android community, has compiled the factory files of many devices. Now you have decided to create a website to search and download the firmwares you need.

The page is calledFirmware.mobiand it is a very simple project but too useful. We just enter the page, we look for our device, we follow a few simple steps that are indicated and we download the firmware to return to the stock version that our smartphone manufactures.

This great project was born within XDA and it is for them that it is not surprising to see the option, through Dropbox, with whichWe can send a firmware that is not in the list.With this Chainfire you can extend your catalog even more.

At the moment we only have a desktop version and the mobile version send us to this one, although we can say that it has not given problems when using it on an Android device. You are already working on an application for smartphones, which is something really useful if we frequently search for these types of files.