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Samsung's silent invasion

If there is any Korean unconcerned about the defeat of his team yesterday against Spain, he is the President of Samsung, the joys he has at home. Year 2010 is being the year of the total expansion from Samsung, it's everywhere.

To show a button, well, several: Televisions (and some other device) 3D, powerful Netbooks, appliances with Internet access … and mobile, especially mobile. Mobile telephony has become a capital issue for the South Korean company, especially if it fit. They have launched their new OS, bada, do not stop taking out new terminals … But interestingly, you have chosen a route to get to the top: Android.

And I say curiously about the existence of bada precisely, because despite this Samsung is betting on our favorite OS more than ever. We just have to look at the filtration of your new tablet.

A key product right now, since with the launch of the iPad from Cupertino, a new business opportunity is created and it is necessary to quickly position itself in this emerging sub-market. He does it with the help of Android, before boosting his own product, and honestly, it does not seem coincidental: the expansion of the green robot in the hearts of users is unstoppable and we must take advantage of the possibilities it gives to manufacturers.

He Galaxy Tab (or S-Tab), that's what it's called the bug, it has a screen of 7 »and everything indicates that it will have the capacity to engage telephone communication, and possibly videoconference, as that little front camera seems to point us in the upper right corner (others may miss it, right?). We don't know if it will take Froyo from your departure or not, but what is clear is that it will take TouchWiz, the interface of the house, so your touch does give it to you. Little more can be known for now, except that it is only the prelude, two other devices of this type will see the light in the remainder of the year, and also from the hand of Android, of course.

In addition, Europeans are about to receive the Galaxy S, and also in a big way, it will be received in 110 countries almost simultaneously, and I say almost because in the end it seems that they will do it in a slightly more staggered way than what was being said, and it seems that from today we can Enjoy in the old continent, free, of course, although for now we do not see official announcement in Spain. Next week he will arrive in his country of origin and his neighbors, and finally the rest, headed by the US, but without a date to be confirmed. The powerful Android device will come with Éclair of exit and not with Froyo, as it had been rumored, but it will have its update.

Another one that already receives its update in the next few days is the Spica, his little brother, 2.1 in this case, but they were already looking forward to it. Hopefully you will receive Froyo ("all devices launched in 2010 will have Froyo," said Google I / O).

Well, what I was saying at the beginning, they are everywhere, Samsung (with Android) invades us.