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Prevent users from changing the screen saver / lock screen in Windows

All Windows 7/8/10 users have the ability to change the appearance of their computing experience. This includes aesthetic changes such as the screen saver and the lock screen in Windows 10. However, many administrators deny users access to some customization functions to create a uniform environment in a work setup. Learn how to prevent users from changing the screen saver in Windows 7/8/10.

Why prevent users from changing the screen saver?

Years ago, when everyone used large CRT TV-type monitors, screen burning was a real problem that cost companies billions in replacement and repair costs. Today's LCD and LED monitors are less affected by screen burnout. Even so, many companies require users of their PCs to maintain a screen saver to save money and avoid replacement costs.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to monitor all users when it comes to PC configurations such as screen savers. Administrators correct this problem by configuring screen savers on the many PCs for which they are responsible; By using a group policy, they prevent users from changing the screen saver.

Note that preventing users from changing the screen saver is not disabled or prevents the screen saver from running. Simply lock the current screen saver settings so that they cannot be changed unless a user with administrative privileges changes it again.

Prevent users from changing screen saver settings

Log in to Windows with an account that has administrative privileges. Click on Start> Run to open the dialog box Run . If you don't have the command Run in the menu Start, press and hold the Windows on your keyboard and press the key R. In the dialog box Run, scribe gpedit.msc and click on the button To accept .

Just opened the Local Group Policy Editor . Notice that in the left panel there are expandable folders. Open the folder in

 Configuracin de usuario> Plantillas administrativas> Panel de control> Personalizacin . 

The right panel now shows the local group policies located in the folder Customization . Locate and double click on a policy titled Avoid changing the screen saver .

Now he should be looking at the window Avoid changing the protector of screen. If you or anyone else has changed this setting before, it should still be set as Not configured default. Click on the option Enabled, click on the button To accept and ready.