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OPPO shows smartphone with camera under screen and without ports »ERdC

OPPO shows smartphone with camera under screen and without ports

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On December 10, 2019, Oppo held a special event at the headquarters of Shenzhen for your Future Technology Conference 2019. The event featured several announcements and important attendees that included the CEO Chen Mingyong, who has been away from the media and public events for the past 6 years. He also saw the company exhibit functional prototypes with a new technological solution Than arrive in the near future. This includes a highly anticipated camera under the screen in a prototype smart phone.

Front camera under OPPO screen

In the Oppo display technology area, the Chinese company had exhibited many upcoming devices and products with cutting-edge technologies. One of them is the “Panoramic Perspective Screen”Or, in other words, a camera under the screen. According to the company, the new technology allows users to count on a more complete field of vision by fully integrating the front camera into the screen.

Currently, most smartphone manufacturers opt for solutions such as a pop-up camera for a complete non-intrusive screen or a built-in front camera in a punch / notch in the front, to achieve almost similar results. However, many people are still skeptical about the cameras in the motorized emerging mechanisms and the durability that they prove to provide over time. Therefore, the process of having the camera integrated under the screen seems to be the best solution so far. Till the date, No manufacturer has launched a device ready for mass production with technology.

Smartphone prototype without ports and with on-screen camera

According to the source, the prototype presented by this new camera technology It also showed possible designs for future phones. It had no slits, ports or openings visible even for charging. It is likely to be based solely on the food wireless As loading method. In addition, the section of the front camera was hidden in its majority, but it showed with wallpapers or light colored backgrounds. This shows that the technology is incomplete and still a little far from the commercial launch.

Other manufacturers will adopt the technology in the coming years

Oppo has stated that the technology of “panoramic perspective screen" solve these little details and problems in the next few years before starting mass production. As reported, we could even see a more widespread adoption of this technology in the next three to five years of different companies.

Xiaomi It is one of the companies that works on this as well. And in fact, they have already shown in the past a functional prototype of a phone with the on-screen camera.


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