New Google wallpapers: lots to choose from

New official Google wallpapers, install them now

We are still revolutionized with the arrival of the Google Pixel 3 to the Android mobile landscape. It is not for less since both models not only aspire to teach how a smartphone has to be with this operating system, they are also an object of desire for everyone we love Android. Luckily, also those who do not have a Pixel they can take a hint of Google's "art."

Do you know the official Google wallpaper app? The company organizes its best wallpapers in an app that can be installed on all Android above version 4.1, so we could say that it is universal. It has high quality backgrounds and suitable for any screen, also for yours. And they will look great if you dare to put them: Google has updated its application with a huge amount of wallpapers.

Discover an immense amount of wallpapers of different categories: landscapes, textures, art …

New Google wallpapers: lots to choose from

We often highlight different applications to download wallpapers, we know that they are among the favorite of readers because backgrounds are one of the easiest, fastest and most practical ways to customize a smartphone. And Google has its own style, a way to create wallpapers that walks between the artistic and the detailed: they look great on any smartphone.

The Google wallpaper application It has just been updated by adding a huge amount of excellent images. The application itself remains the same since the last version, that of January 2018, but, as it connects to the Internet to download the funds (you need connection to use the application), if you connect now you will download all the news. You will recognize the categories that have new funds because they are the first ones that appear in the application list, above all.

New Google wallpapers: lots to choose from

If you have never used the application we recommend that you download it: it should be almost mandatory if you love it customize your Android mobile. And in case you haven't used it for a long time Google Wallpapers You know what you have to do: open it again. You will get a pleasant surprise.