Meet BitPort the new torrent service

Meet BitPort the new torrent service

The method of download par excellence on the web is the torrent, surely we have all used it more than once and users continue to fight to keep it alive despite the constant attacks it receives.

A cool option in terms of torrent services is Bitport, since it allows us, among other things, to choose the torrent we wish to download and they download it, it is subsequently saved on their servers and we can save it to our Google Drive account. Its use is quite simple and it does not differ much from other customers you just have to paste the link you want to download and Bitport do the rest and finally we can save it in our user account.

The characteristics that can define BitPort will be its speed and anonymity, the fact that the torrents are downloaded to their servers makes the download speed very fast so we can do streaming of multimedia content without leaving any trace of what we download. The service has different user plans from the basics (which is limited to 1GB of space and can only download 1 torrent per day, the Small account reaches 30GB with unlimited downloads for 5 dollars a month, and Standard and Big have 100GB and up to 20 simultaneous downloads for 10 and 15 dollars a month.

What do you expect to try it?

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