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Mazuna World is an authentic platform with 130 levels and its own editor

If you feel nostalgic for having a Super Mario game on your mobile, even if we have Super Mario Run, Mazuna World is the best alternative which you can currently play. A well designed platform that literally drinks from the source of inspiration that has been the Nintendo game.

A new title for Android that is in beta and that smells like Nintendo from far away. Especially for some characteristics such as the denomination of the worlds, those blows that our protagonist will give in the boxes with his head or how we can improve the character with the whip or the hat itself.

A well designed platform

Mazuna World

Although it has so many similarities to Nintendo's platform games, Mazuna World It is a platform very capable of hooking you from the first second. And if at first you can enter the doubt for some aesthetic aspects, when you spend the first minute you will realize that you are already hooked in your jumps, in how it bounces on the turtles or how each of the levels has its own design and aesthetic .

That is, they have not wanted to go over some of the best features of Super Mario, but rather have delved into them to bring us a well done and right platforms. We have talked about a major character that could almost be the Indiana Jones platform version of Spielberg's films.

At first you will not have your iconic hat or your whip, but we can get them to improve our protagonist to Super Mario. In the Super Nintendo version, it already does the strip, we could play with a bigger version of Mario, and if he received a blow, he stayed smaller to try to recover his size and get an extra extra in life.

Mazuna World, its 130 levels and its own level editor

Mazuna World

If on how many levels we have found so many winks to Nintendo games, what to say when you pass about half of the 130 levels that await you in 5 worlds unique. In your journey you will have to collect all the rarest gems in order to unlock game modes and even access the level editor.

Mazuna World

Yes, you can create more levels with the map editor. Select a theme, place the platforms and you can play your creation from the same editor. You have up to 60 holes to fill them with levels and thus return to them to improve them or play them again. We do not know if they can be shared, but since it does not put it anywhere, we understand that it will be a new function that can be implemented in a new version of Mazuna World.

It would be more than interesting to be able to do it, since it is one of the best options to be able to create a level that can then be played by your colleagues. Apart from the normal adventure, we also have three ways to discover and play: Adventure Mode, Challenge mode and Currency mode.

Three different modes

Mazuna World

So Mazuna World puts us before a game in which thanks to the adventure mode and the rest of three modes, we will have platforms for very good times. A very complete platforms that the more you play the more you like, so we totally recommend it for you to enjoy it now. Will have to see if being in beta more news, something that would not surprise us.