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Lenovo and Heroes of the Storm Legion Championship

Registration is open from Friday, August 25 toLenovo's Heroes Of The Storm Legion Championship,so it does not matter if we are a member of the Alliance or the Horde, if you are part of the Zerg swarm or if you have experience hunting demons, then the opportunity has come to protect the nucleus and prove that you can be the best player of Heroes Of The Storm in Latin America. Registration began on August 25 and will end this Saturday, September 9, where the most skilled players of the game will meet.

They are more than$ 15,000 dollarsin prizes, wherebest teams from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and MexicoThey will fight to decide who will dominate the battlefield and in which they will use iconic characters from franchises such as Diablo, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, Overwatch and more, so if you want to sign up from doing so from thislink.

How does Heroes Of The Storm Legion Championship work?

The opportunity to participate in the tournamentIt is open to all MOBA fansHigh level and competitive video games. The registration dates, as previously mentioned, are from August 25 to September 9, so you must form a team of 5 to 6 players, with a defined captain and everyone must have access to 14 heroes in the game .

The battle starts the day11 of September,with aSwiss round online for each country.This stage will run until October 15, which will result in a top of 4 teams, and with which adirect eliminationfrom October 21 to October 22. The winner of the tie will go to the grand final that will take place in Mexico, representing their respective country. But this is not all !, because if you are unsubcampen of the online league of your country, participate in a Swiss round from November 11 to 18, where you will face the other runners-up. The 3 best teams will be chosen, completing the top 8 in Latin America, those chosen for travel to Mexico and dispute the final title.

InMexico City, from December 2 to 3,be the time to teach who has the best supports, assassins, specialists and warriors who will be willing to demolish towers, fortresses and heroes that protect the enemy's core. You must remember the following:

  1. Sign up until September 9, 2017.
  2. Cornate as the best team in your country and wins a quota to the grand finale in Mexico
  3. Fight in Mexico among the 8 best teams in Latin America.
  4. Let the minions advance, recruit mercenaries and destroy the enemy nucleus to take home the victory in the grand finale from December 2 to 3!

The Heroes Of The Storm Championship awards

The tournament is organized byLenovo,and in which they meet more than$ 15,000 in prizes.

  • The best team in each country receive $ 1,200 dollars.
  • The runner-up team of each country receive $ 600 dollars.
  • He winning team of the regional grand final He will take home $ 6,000 dollars.
  • The runner-up team of the regional grand final win $ 2,000.
  • The team in third place in the regional final will have $ 1,000 dollars in their hands.

The grand finale will be in Mexico, organized by Lenovo and in which there will be a stage with all the tools to make a whole show and which will be transmitted over the internet throughTwitchand there will be face-to-face assistants.

Be part of the Lenovo Legin at all times!

Heroes Of The Storm Champioshiphave a presence on the social networks of Facebook and Twitch so that all legionaries They can be part of the experience at all times and whenever they want.

  • Twitch streams of the most important games and the grand finale.
  • News about how the championship is going
  • Updates on rankings
  • Results

The grand finale be disputed in the modelsLEGION Y520 and LEGION Y720 Lenovo, two powerful gamer machines where Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Call of Duty or any competitive game finds its true home: with features that fully exploit the graphics, power and dynamics of all games.


With its powerful GPUNVIDIA GTX1050you can live the gaming experience to the fullest with exceptional realism thanks also to its processorIntel Core from sptimageneracin,with an SSD and DDR4 memory of up to 16GB, which performance and performance will make you leave your enemies behind. Thanks to its 15.6-inch FHD IPS anti-glare screen with UHD option, don't lose sight of the maps and thanks to theTwo Harman 2.0 speakers (with custom toned audio)The game sound sound like never before. Your battery of45Hh lithium polymerProvides more than 4 hours of continuous play and with the backlit keyboard and cooling system, the gaming experience is more than up to par. In addition to your wireless card,WIFI 1X1 AC + BT4.1, UBS 3.0 connection, HD 720P camera with ARRAY MIC(group of microphones that improve voice recognition systems) will give you a gaming experience that satisfies any gamer.


The details of the games will be wonderful thanks to its GPUNVIDIA GTX1060 6GB,with what the graphic performance be the best, but it is not all since it has a processorIntel Core 7th Generation (Core i7 7700HQ),a PCIE SSD and SATA HDD and DDR4 memory of up to 16GB. Its screen is anti-glare 15.6 inches FHD resolution with UHD option. It also has 2 speakers2W JBL and 3 Dolby Atmos 3W subwoofers (which makes it the first gamer PC with that system), all this with 5 hours of continuous play thanks to its 60Wh lithium polymer battery, which will also have the ability to use virtual reality devices.