IWork Apps for iPad are Updated and Support for iCloud

IWork apps for iPad are Updated with Important Changes

Apple has updated its applications in the iWork suite and added very good features to its three applications, Pages, Numbers and Keynote for iPad. Apple has also added better overall compatibility with files that come from Microsoft Office. In addition all the applications have solved problems that they had regarding accessibility. It is clear that the three applications are ideal to take your office wherever you go, and since the last update with support for iCloud everything is much easier.

IPad pages

The Pages application has added a new function, “Change Control”, thanks to which you can keep up to date and edit the changes you have made in the document. Now the compatibility with the documents coming from Microsoft Word is much greater and you can also control all the changes that the document has had. You can also keep the calculations you have made in a table when you export or import documents to Mac. In addition you can add reflections to the figures and lock and unlock objects at pleasure.

Numbers iPad

Numbers, the spreadsheet par excellence for your iPad has been updated and added better compatibility with Microsoft Excell. Numbers has added the ability to hide or show rows and columns in your iPad files. It has also added a better compatibility when exporting or importing files with Numbers for Mac being able to activate or deactivate filters and conserve text and table styles. In addition to Pages you can also add reflections to the figures and block objects.

IPad keynote

Keynote for iPad has been updated and has added better compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote for Mac programs. Now importing files will be much easier and you can do it with the size of slides you want. You can also import everything that is specific to your presentation, theme, style and master slides and two new effects have been added to add to the slide show: Centello and Flash. In addition to all the novelties of reflections in figures and blocking and unlocking objects that you share with your companions you will also find new printing arrangements with new options including the presenter's notes, with the compositions and without the funds.

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