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How to scan QR codes without apps with your Android mobile camera

If you have a relatively new version of Android like Android 9 Pie or similar, or simply your manufacturer includes it in your camera, you can scan a QR code from your mobile camera. Although if this is not the case, we will show you an alternative way of doing it, so you will not need an app dedicated entirely to it.

Scan QR code on Android without apps

First of all, open the camera of your mobile phone. In each phone the functionalities will be different, but it is possible that somewhere it hides this function. In this case it is tested with the original OnePlus camera with Android 9 Pie.

When we open it we will see a symbol of a square with a circle in the middle. That square has not just closed since there is another circle in the lower right. If we click on that button, we will activate Google Lens.

Google Lens is the Google application for Artificial Intelligence through the camera. In doing so, several options will appear such as translate, search for products, restaurants, etc. If you want to know all the information you need about Google Lens you can check it here, in Android Help.

By default it comes in the magnifying glass (we can move the mode by sliding your finger or by pressing on the other options), which will already allow us to make a scan on barcodes and QR codes. You only need to frame the QR code and give us information about it.

Scan QR code Android

But if we want to visit it (or for whatever reason there is no information when focusing it) we only need to press the magnifying glass button, there we will see the options to visit or share the website through the sharing API or by copying the link.

Scan QR code Android

If for any reason this option does not appear on your camera, do not worry, you can download this app from the Play Store. Yes, it is already installing an app, but it not only serves to scan QR codes, it also serves to search for information, translate texts, copy texts written on paper and much more.

As we said you can download it from the Google app store if you have the Android version 6.0 Marshmallow or higher. And you will have an app as useful and you will not have to have an app dedicated entirely to the scanning of QR codes.

Still we can also access this app from the Google assistant in a very simple way. You just have to activate the Google assistant to swipe up and you can access it.

Google Lens

Google Lens