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How to pair Amazon Echo speakers and enjoy stereo sound

One of the advanced options offered by smart speakers Amazon Echo is that they can be combined to get stereo sound, which improves the reproduction of music, for example. We show how this is achieved in a simple way and with surprising effectiveness.

One of the things that should be clear is that it is not complicated to make the necessary combination between different Amazon Echo devices that are in the house, so that the set we are talking about becomes a excellent choice to become the element to listen to music at home and even if the necessary compatibility is available so that what is reproduced in the Smart tv. The latter is due to the fact that one of the elements works with the left channel and, the other, with the right.

Initial installation and configuration of Amazon Echo speakers

By the way, there is the possibility to connect an Echo Sub to the set created, which significantly enhances the serious, but this is something that has to be done additionally and that in the future we will discuss how it is achieved with Amazon's smart speakers. Therefore, it is clear that the possibilities offered by these accessories are wide and, more importantly, useful even if you have more than one at home.

The Amazon Echo may also be renewed

Steps to combine two Amazon Echo speakers

As you are going to check everything is really simple, since with the Alexa application in the mobile terminals to which the speakers are connected, the desired effect is achieved in a fairly intuitive way – and with very few actions -, which is always positive.

The first thing you have to do is place the two Amazon Echo speakers in the place where you want the sound to be emitted, which can be from the kitchen to the living room (it is recommended that they are separated by at least one meter). Now open the Alexa application on your smartphone as usual. Among the options you see on the screen, you must choose Dispositives.

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Now you have to use the icon with a circular shape that has the symbol «+«. What you have to do next is choose Add Stereo / Subwoofer Pair to start the process and then select Speaker set. A wizard opens in which you have to follow what is appearing and, among other things, it is where you indicate the two Amazon Echo speakers that you want to combine. When you finish this, you will have a fully functional stereo sound set available.