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How to create your "Bestnine2019" on Instagram with the photos with more likes

A few days after saying goodbye to the year 2019, there is something that is never missing on Instagram and it is the Bestnine2019. Here you create a collage with the 9 photos that have liked the most throughout the year, in this case 2019.

The Bestnine2019 can be made from the app that is available for Android and iOS and also from a computer or tablet, since it has a web version. In any of the situations, it is free.

What we can say is the issue of privacy, since these types of apps must be granted certain permissions. But don't panic, at the end of the article, we explain how to erase our Bestnine2019 data.

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Top Nine, get your Bestnine2019 for free in 2 minutes

As we said before, it is a free web and which we can access whenever we want. Now we pose a dilemma, do we do our Bestnine2019 now, or do we wait until 2019 is about to end? This is a very personal issue, but as we say, we can access whenever we want and create our Bestnine2019.

Web: Top Nine

  1. On the main screen we see a box for write our Instagram user.

Image - How to create your

  1. Click on "Continue", and we see that they inform us about the estimated time it takes for the analysis.
  2. It is here where we should enter our email account. Be there where we receive the result, that is, a collage with the 9 photos that have the most likes of the whole year.
  3. If we open the mail we see a pink box with a green button that says "Download it now". When pressing, the file is downloaded, and we have the collage and the information of the likes in our mobile. In fact, in the mail we see that we can make a Bestnine2019 on video, we just have to scroll to locate the option.

Image - How to create your

  1. Going back to the Top Nine website, when click on "Continue", in a matter of 3 seconds, the collage appears.
  2. Below, there is a light green strip and puts "Download now". Press ah and the collage is downloaded. Now we can save it wherever we want, send it by WhatsApp Web, Telegram Desktop, email, etc.

Image - How to create your

Top Nine for Instagram 2019, a free app to create our collage

The official app to get our Top Nine is here and it's free. It is available for Android and for iPhone, and under these lines we leave the download links:

  1. Download Top Nine For Instagram for Android


  1. Download Top Nine For Instagram for iOS


  1. The steps to follow in this app are very similar to the web version, as we just open the app the box to enter our Instagram user appears.
  2. Click on the blue button that says "Continue" and then the screen to enter our email appears, then click on "Find My Top Nine".
  3. We write the email and in a few seconds we have the Bestnine2019 on our screen, in addition to receiving it in our email.
  4. Now they give us two options, or share it directly on Instagram, or save it in our gallery. In both cases we must allow access to our galley. So we recommend opening the email and clicking on "Download it now".

Image - How to create your

Delete all the data that Top Nine has about you

As we have already mentioned at the beginning of the post, the issue of privacy is a hot topic in today's society. This is why we do not want to give others, and when it comes to giving access to our social networks, less an.

If we enter the link that we leave under these lines, we will access the website that Top Nine himself has enabled to remove our email and our Instagram user from its database.

Web: Top Nine Forget

  1. Click on "Start", and take us to another screen where we must write email We have previously introduced to send us our collage with the 9 most liked photos of 2019.

Image - How to create your

  1. Now we click on "Okay" or press Enter on the keyboard.
  2. This is where the option of "Submit", click on it and in about 30 days, our data will have been deleted from Top Nine.

Now we have made sure, or it should be, that our data will not remain in the Top Nine databases. But what we have insured is our collage with the 9 photos that have liked the most. You just need to publish it with the hashtag Bestnine2019.