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Google supports Google Maps for iOS is better than the Android version

Google Maps for iOS

Surely at this point and everyone knows that Google has finally released its map application for iOS. At the moment this application is only available for iPhone, although it is only a matter of time before the version adapted to the iPad screen appears and that it is also compatible with the iPad Mini.

The first critics the application is receiving are really good. It seems that Google has done the homework very well and that the new application is very pleasing to users who have already tried it. The application includes interesting features like Google Street View, traffic information, public transport information and even the voice-guided navigation function, something very interesting for many users.

Google believes that the Google Maps app for iOS is better than the Android version

David Pogue, is a New York Times columnist who has a very good relationship with large companies like Google and apparently has some more information about the application.

After contacting Google, Pogue has written that Google considers that this new application is much better than the one included in Android, its own operating system for smartphones and tablets. No doubt it was curious that the company that created the application for competing devices says something like that, but it is a sample of how proud they are of the creation.

In addition, Google also admits that they are working on an iPad version to arrive at some point, although they have not yet confirmed any specific date.

The new Google Maps application for iPhene has a very clean interface, navigation through maps is fast (vector based) and everything loads quite quickly. It also has interesting features that were not present in the application that Apple inclined to iOS 5, such as guided navigation.

Unfortunately, Google Maps is a third-party application, so it is not a total solution. It is not possible to use the application using Siri and if we click on an address link in the Agenda or on the Internet, iOS will run the Apple map application instead of the new Google Maps, a real shame, although Google seems to want to minimize this opening an API so that iOS application developers can turn to Google Maps when they need it.

Without a doubt, the arrival of Google Maps for iOS, or rather its return, is good news. This will make Apple react and we will surely see how they intensify the work of developing their maps to try to compete with Google maps. At least this will be the most logical.

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