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First impressions of Mac Pro and Apple's Pro Display XDR screen

Mac Pro front

Yesterday, the reservations of the new Mac Pro, Apple's most powerful computer to date, were launched. With its subsequent release, content creators who had the good fortune to have been able to use it in the last few days before the official launch have published the videos with their unboxings and first impressions of this beast. We analyze your comments and see that it hides this incredible Mac that we can configure to exceed 60,000 in equipment.

Pure brute force, wrapped in precision, wrapped in a meticulous box

Both the XDR display and the Mac Pro come in a conscientiously designed boxes. If Apple has already accustomed us to a higher level of detail in these tasks, with the boxes of these two devices do not leave anyone indifferent. You can see the level of detail and accuracy of the device we are dealing with only by the wrapper, let's not talk then if we start to value the computer as such.

Source: iJustine YouTube channel

The numbers do not lie. The Mac Pro flies on the benchmarks

Obviously a computer that can be configured with up to 28 cores and 1.5 TB of RAM has to be fastBut how much? The youtuber and content creator Marques Brownlee shows us in his unboxing video a first benchmark carried out in Geekbench and indeed, the Mac Pro is really fast.

Capture benchmark Mac Pro

Source: Marques Brownlee Channel on YouTube

As a button shows, Marques himself shows a comparison of the video rendering on a 16-inch MacBook Pro, an iMac Pro, and the new Mac Pro. A video of 4 minutes and 20 seconds in 8K which takes 20 minutes to render on the MacBook Pro and only 11 on the iMac Pro It only takes 4 minutes to be processed by the Mac Pro, which indicates that the computer is capable of processing the video faster than even what it would mean to play it. A true barbarity.

It wasn't going to be all perfect

Apart from the price, following the comments we can see and read from those who have been lucky enough to put their hands on these teams, apparently a common lack is the lack of accessible ports. The Mac Pro has more than 10 USB-C ports at the rear but only two at the front (exactly at the top next to the boot button). It is true that this is solved with a dongle, but to think of an ace computer to which we have to put adapters or port thieves to provide us access is still a bit strange.

The Mac Pro has more than 10 USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports on the back, but we only find 2 front access, located next to the boot button.

Other curiosities about

Among the things that attract the attention of current unboxing and first impressions that we can see on the network right now, One of the most striking is the ease of installation and possibilities of the foot of the XDR Pro Display. This support that for weeks was subject to teasing and criticism for its high price seems to justify its numbers once we can see it in action. And it is that just by supporting the screen on the support it is perfectly anchored, and allows total freedom of movement to the new Apple screen.

XDR Pro Display support

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About computer design (this is what we will be able to talk about most since there has been no physical time to be able to create reviews about performance beyond what we have mentioned) the clean and accessible interior that it has. When removing the metal case, we leave the chassis with the components bare, allowing access to all of them without any complications and delighting those who had been years asking Apple to re-launch a modular professional computer.