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Final Fantasy XV receive a free DLC from the Assassin's Creed

A somewhat curious news has arrived in whichSquare enixhas announced a collaboration withUbisoft,which has resulted inFinal Fantasy XVmerge with the popular game ofAssassin's Creed,where players will receive content from the famous saga of murderers, and this expansion is scheduled forAugust 30thlasting until January 31, 2018 being completely free.

On August 30, users who get that DLC can seeNoctisin the killer's suit, while the next day the DLC calledAssassin's Festival,transforming Lestallum and making Noctis move through a world full of ornaments alluding to the series, weapons and objects, and of course, with the skills of the murderers. This is not the first time since with Final Fantasy XIII-2 AC items were offered, although it was in the form of a paid DLC, and this time it is completely free.

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