Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, the new Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, the new Square Enix

Square enixIt is one of those companies that knows how to exploit its franchises, because it does not doubt a single moment in bringing smartphones the adaptations of its most famous titles, which allows users to enjoy sagas such as Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider or Hitman.

And now and making use of the success that his most recent title of his most historical saga is having,Final Fantasy,the company has announced the launch ofFinal Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, a version adapted to smartphones and tablets of the last game of the saga. This new titlearrive before the end of the year on both Android and iOS and Windows 10,and not be a game inspired by the title that is available on the console but rather bethe same story adapting the characters and scenarios.

So users can enjoy the history of the game and the original dialogues and voices, being the only change at a graphic level, where there will be some peculiar appearances. This game has 10 chapters, of which the first one is free and if we want to acquire the complete game we will have to go to the cashier.

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