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Don't guess how much the most powerful new generation Mac Pro is worth

If you thought that the $ 5,999 that Apple asks for the basic model of its newly launched Mac Pro was an excessive price, you haven't seen anything. If you configure the most powerful computer, with the maximum possible components, you will have to pay $ 52,599 dollars.

The first thing you should choose on the brand's website is the processor. While the Mac Pro comes with an eight-core Intel Xeon W chip at 3.5 GHz, it can be upgraded to a 28-core Intel Core Xeon W at 2.5 GHz. Its cost is $ 7,000 dollars.

The next step is RAM. The Mac Pro uses a DDR4 ECC memory and starts with 32 GB, but you can increase it to 1.5 TB for the incredible amount of $ 25,000 dollars.

Then comes the turn of the graphics. This is where the new Mac Pro gets interesting. While it starts with a fairly standard AMD Radeon Pro 580X, you can actually equip it with four graphics cards thanks to the MPX custom modules. Each can contain a Radeon Pro Vega II Duo, which contains two discrete graphics cards. With two of them Duos, you will get a huge video memory of 128 GB, but you have to spend $ 10,800 dollars. That's over $ 84 dollars per gigabyte.

The Mac Pro can be configured to have 4 TB of SSD storage (not counting the 32 TB MPX RAID module, which is not yet available). That 4TB update costs $ 1,400 dollars. Keep in mind that Apple announced an option of 8 TB for $ 400 dollars. Once it is available, you may well disburse for this section a total of $ 1,800 dollars.

One of the unique features of this equipment is its Afterburner card, which speeds up the work of applications such as Final Cut Pro X and QuickTime Player X. For example, it allows you to play up to three unprocessed 8K video streams at once. If you need that kind of performance, you will have to pay $ 2,000 dollars.

With all these options in the shopping cart, the total will be $ 52,599 dollars. However, that still does not include the monitor. Apple's brand new Pro Display XDR is the perfect high-end tool for it and has an additional cost of $ 4,999 dollars or $ 6,998 dollars if you want to add the "nanotexture glass" and Pro support.

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