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CrystalDiskInfo prepares its universal app for the Windows Store

Of the biggest concerns when using asolid state hard drive (SSD)is to know your useful life, because it is vital to be aware of the state that it has since it has a useful life, however the problem arises when looking foradequate tool can carry more risks than desired,but soon those risks will be over, sinceCrystaldiskGet to the Windows Store.

Previously we have seen howCrystal Dew WorldThey were preparing their applications for the Store. In case you do not know or know this software analyzes the read and write speeds of all types of discs in addition to knowing the messages of S.M.A.R.T. Now they also prepare their hard disk analysis softwareCrystal Disk Info.

With this software we can know the state of our mechanical hard disk (HDD) or the solid state disk (SSD) in a matter of seconds. This tool is a key utility for IT that must manage equipment and for individuals who like to know everything about the status of their hard drive.

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