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Clara Lago puts voice to Cleopatra in Assassin's Creed Origins

It is in ancient Egypt a century before Christ, when the reign ofCleopatra,which makes it the ideal environment for this new installment ofAssassins Creed Origins,a time in which Egypt continued to be involved in the mystery and magic that gave it its distinctive of other cultures along with its great pyramids.

To capture to the maximum detail this atmosphere,Ubisofthas taken care of detail in both the graphic and sound section, and it is in this last section that they offer us more details and it isClara Lagothe actress who give the voice ofCleopatraThe actress is known for her roles in the cinema (Carol's Journey, The Hidden Face, I want you, Eight Basque surnames) and on television (Central Hospital, Los Hombres de Paco).

It is one of the most wonderful historical characters that a woman can play. I had an impressive seduction ability and that is something that the players will discover in the new title of the series. Flexing Cleopatra in a video game has also given me an incredible freedom to put on theatrical

Along with Clara Lago will be accompanied by a cast of dubbing actors whose voices give a great quality to the Spanish of Assassin's Creed Origins asJordi Boixaderas, usual voice of Russell Crowe, Daniel Craig, Sean Bean or Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), whoplay Bayek,which is the main character whileAna Anuska Alborg, usual voice of Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World), Mena Suvari, Nina Dobrev or Anna Faris,put voice to AyaandJuan Antonio Arroyo, habitual voice of Rainn Wilson (The Office), Kevin Dillon (El Squito) or Floki (Vikings), being in charge of the other great historical character of the period that concerns usJulio Csar.

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