Burger King creative hacking turns "Basel Banana" into a great marketing action

Burger King creative hacking turns "Basel Banana" into a great marketing action

Burger King started the week with a creative attack on modern art and Basel Banana. The now famous piece by Maurizio Cattelan was inspiration to create a twitter ad with the text “Navalez pas nimporte quoi.” Or the equivalent of “be careful what you eat”. The exercise of the brand will surely cause a stir in the next few hours although at the moment it only adds a couple of thousands of reproductions on twitter.

The art world has very interesting ways of giving value to objects that seem without consequence. During the Art Basel of Miami that began on December 5, a banana attached to a wall was sold for the first time for the incredible sum of $ 120,000 dollars. The work of the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan was achieved by pasting a piece of fruit from a local supermarket that then stuck on a white wall in the Parisian gallery of Perrotin during a VIP presentation party.

A few days later the piece was consumed by the artist David Datuna with a video that quickly went viral on social networks.

Burger King and the banana basel trolling

The brand has shown a huge appetite for making use of daily events to gain attention. This last action of the Buzzman agency demonstrates its ability to generate creativity of daily issues.

The communication agency in Europe has very interesting actions for brands like Ikea. In 2016 he launched an emotional campaign to celebrate the arrival of a son in the life of a man. The French subsidiary of this Nordic furniture manufacturer has come to Buzzman to create the spot where, with great care, it is shown that for parents, the arrival of children's independence is always a bitter drink, but at the same time an achievement that fills them with pride.

It hasn't been long since Burger King He shone on social networks for taking advantage of a weak point in Shake Shack's strategy when he opened his first restaurant in Mexico. At that time the fury for the brand led hundreds of Mexicans to make huge lines to eat in the place. In Argentina, for example, consumers were asked to bring a package of empty McDonalds potatoes to be filled with completely free Burger King potatoes.